About the Authors


ANDREW STOECKEL, Founding Chairman of the Centre for International Economics, is one of Australia's leading economists. As cofounder of the Centre for International Economics he has undertaken a wide variety of projects including several large international studies. Formerly he was the head of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics (ABARE, formerly known as the BAE), Australia's largest economics research agency. He received his PhD from Duke University, North Carolina in 1978.

He is a specialist in policy analysis and the international economy, and has initiated and directed programs of research which have included studies on European policies and international trade that have received world acclaim. He has over thirty publications to his credit. Further details can be found on

WARWICK J. MCKIBBIN is Professor of International Economics at the Australian National University. He is also an associate of the Brookings Institution and the Centre for International Economics. He is President of McKibbin Software Group. He is internationally known for his work on modelling international trade, macroeconomics and financial interactions. His frameworks include the McKibbin-Sachs Global (MSG) model, developed with Jeffrey Sachs, and the G-Cubed model developed with Peter Wilcoxen. His models are used by such agencies as the Congressional Budget Office in the United States and the World Bank. Warwick has worked with the CIE in examining the effects of international changes on the Australian economy, in estimating the effects of greenhouse gas policies and in projecting international trade and financial developments. Warwick has published widely and details can be found on www.msgpl.com.au